Svickova - vegetable sauce


- 2 pounds of Tenderloin in one piece
- 1 bag of frozen vegetables - preferably celery, carrot, parsley root - same amount of each. You can also use fresh vegetables. The more the better.
- water
- 5 bay leaves
- 5 balls of allspice
- 5 balls of whole black pepper
- 1 cube of beef broth
- flour
- 4-8 oz. of cream
- 2 tablespoon of butter
- salt


1. Put the whole piece of meat into big baking pan, add salt. Cut vegetables into small pieces and add to the pan with meat. Add water into pan so the meat is half covered by it. Add bay leaves, whole black pepper and allspice. Cover with lid and bake (400 degrees F.). Check water level during baking.
2. When the meat is soft enough (falling apart) take it out of the pan and put aside.
3. Take out all the spices and poor vegetables into blender. (make sure all pieces of spices are out) Blend well and you have the base for our sauce.
4. Put sauce in a big cooking pot, add cube of beef broth, add as much water as much sauce you want to have (1-2 liters). Boil
5. Mix 1 cup of flour with water, make a paste of it and add to the sauce. The sauce should get thicker.
6. Cook and stir the whole time for another 5 minutes.
7. Take of the heat and add cream.DO NOT BOIL WITH CREAM!
8. Cut meat into slices (1/2 inch thick)
9. Eat with dumpling.

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