Kureci spizy - Czech Skewers



- chicken breast
- 1 small onion
- 1 small zucchini 
- 1 chili pepper
- 1/2 of green pepper
- 2 tablespoon of oil
- 1 teaspoon of salt
- 1 teaspoon of black pepper
- 1 tablespoon of paprika or curry


1. Cut meat, onion, zucchini, green pepper and chili pepper into small pieces (should be the same size, slices or circles)
2. Put meat in a bowl, add oil and spices. Let sit for 5 minutes so the meat catch the flavors.
3. Start filling the skewers with meat and vegetables.
4. Broil on low heat skillet with the lid on. (30 minutes)
5. Serve with toast or boiled potatoes.

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